Death From Space — Gamma-Ray Bursts Explained

You know, I actually really dislike it when I read comments talking about how these sort of videos should be used to teach kids in schools. Producers like Kurzgesagt and others like him provide cool supplementary material. I mean, in my opinion, these videos are little more than somewhat lengthy “fun fact” segments.

At the end of the day, how much information does this video really have? After watching this, how much information about GRBs do you really feel you’ve learned and retained? I feel that he talks about some stuff, doesn’t go into much detail, and really puts it all in easy-to-understand language that’s ultimately relatively substanceless.

This video, for example, also covers a fairly interesting, but incredibly niche topic. Just talking about the math and science fields, learning the basics will be much more applicable and important in the long term. As sad as it is, the very basics like the derivative, the antiderivative, basic biological and chemical foundations like the cell cycle, RedOx reactions, etc, are simply less…interesting, but vastly more important.

Basically what I’m trying to get at is this video is cool, but ultimately just easy to consume fun fact segments that altogether have pretty low information density. That’s cool and all, since it’s a Youtube channel, but I get kind of annoyed whenever people say things like “If only we learned this way in school!”. The basics are there fore a reason, and they’re not going to be super interesting to learn, no matter how many animations you stick onto them.

Edit: This is fairly unrelated, but I also think that videos like these are a breeding ground for Pseudo-intellectuals who watch YouTube videos and then sprout of knowledge about niche and complicated things like they’re experts in the field. As someone who has spent years really studying science, it kind of annoys me when people think that “studying science” means watching some Youtube videos.

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