Cam Newton explaining to a live audience what a NFL quarterback does to change a play at the line of scrimmage.

Very little of the language you likely don’t understand has anything to do with race. What he said, basically, was that he calls a play in the huddle with a main guy in mind to throw to, Benji (he’s the X receiver, the go to guy on this play). Then he looks at the defense and he tells one of his guys some info about the opponent’s linebacker while subtly giving a hand signal to Benji to run a fade route (instead of slant). He senses pressure from the right half of the field so he tells his whole O-line to shift over a step. Now he has everything the way he wants it, Benji is 1v1 on a cornerback and Cam just has to "beat" the safety, who is another player that could help cover Benji. Cam is ready to start the play now. He gets the snap (starting the play), fakes off the safety (pump fake) by pretending to throw to the right side then throws a fade (lob to the outside) to Benji for a touchdown.

There was a hell of a lot there, but he did that on purpose to illustrate how much goes in to each play before it even starts. That’s actually relatively simple compared to how crazy some of the pre-snap audibles and decisions can get on both sides of the ball.

via /r/Videos


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