New Multi-Screen Projection Format Aims to Make Star Trek Beyond an Immersive Experience

Staring at a movie on one big screen is just fine—but what if you could see it on three screens at once, for a uniquely immersive, panoramic viewing experience? One of the first movies to get this treatment is Star Trek Beyond, and you can check out an exclusive glimpse of what it’ll look like in this new format in the trailer below.

The format is called Barco Escape, and it’s by a Belgian company that is hoping to compete with IMAX and 3D in presenting an enhanced theater-going experience. It uses three projectors and two additional screens which are angled precisely to create a near-panoramic view, according to the company’s website.

Star Trek Beyond opens July 22; here’s where to check if there’s a Barco Escape screen near you, see showtimes, and to purchase tickets.

via io9


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