Magic Leap’s hotly anticipated ‘mixed reality’ device could be here sooner than you think

magic leapMagic Leap

Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz announced Thursday at the Business
Wired Conference that the secretive company will begin production
of its “mixed reality headset” this summer.

“I won’t tell you when we are shipping, but I will tell you we
are turning on the first production line in our factory
throughout this summer,” Abovitz said. “It is coming

Abovitz also announced that
it has been working with LucasFilm and ILMxLab
and that the
three partners will soon be launching a lab in San Francisco
where they will develop immersive entertianment experiences

While Magic Leap still isn’t revealing much about its technology,
the company did show off its closest look yet at what it means
when it says “mixed reality.”

The company published a video on Thursday of a Star Wars
experience it created with its partners which shows how the Magic
Leap experience might look. The video, which was shot with Magic
Leap’s hardware, features C3PO and R2D2 in a normal looking
office talking and moving around.

But the characters don’t look like holograms, they look
incredibly real.

“Reality is a dial…and you can turn that dial and shrink
reality,” said John Gaeta of ILMxLab. “We are choosing where on
the spectrum where we want to blend magic into our lives.”

Check out the video below to see Magic Leap’s experience for

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