These Sunglasses Cleverly Disguise a Pair of Bone-Conducting Speakers

Los Angeles-based tech startup Zungle set out with just one mission: to create a pair of smart sunglasses that people would actually want to wear. The result has been beautifully achieved in the form of the Panther, which incorporates a bone-conducting speaker in each leg to transmit crystal-clear audio directly to your eardrums while also maintaining situational awareness of your surroundings. This innovation makes these Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses especially suitable for cyclists, who must be able to hear other vehicles beside or behind them on the road. Otherwise, the Panther clocks in at a mere 45 grams and comes in five colorways with replaceable lenses for a higher degree of customization. Its 300mAh battery can be fully charged within an hour for a full four hours of audio playback.

With a slated delivery date of December 2016, the Zungle Panther will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on June 16, retailing for the early bird price of $89 USD.



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