This Korean Baseball Player Has The Most Hilariously Outrageous Pre-Bat Ritual You’ll Witness In Your Lifetime

Find me a dude more cocksure than #12. Actually don’t even waste your time. There is so much going on in this video, it’s probably best to evaluate it in GIF form to get the best grasp of what the fuck is going on here.

When you forget you have a game so you blow and eight ball beforehand:

When Hunter tries to spit game to your girl at the bar:

When you go to get a rub and tug and you get to pick your suitor:

When mom catches you sneaking out of the house late night to attend to a booty call:

When your boys make a joke about banging your little sister:

When you put on the most in-your-face disrepectful pre-bat ritual of all time and then send a soft dribbler back to the pitcher for the easy out:

via BroBible


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