The Round Expanding Table to End All Round Expanding Tables: The Fletcher Capstan Design

As cool as its design is, the central drawback to the Jupe table is that the leaves must be stored separately. In this video of a Jupe reproduction, at 0:28 to 0:36 you can see they’ve got the leaves tucked in a rather ugly separate cabinet off to the side:

Enter David Fletcher. While the UK-based designer, mechanical engineer and ex-antique-furniture-dealer appreciated Jupe’s design, he figured he could improve upon it. “[Jupe] tables could not store their own expansion leaves, were not truly round in every stage, plus they were slow and laborious to operate.” In 1997, Fletcher set about developing an updated design to address these issues.The Capstan Table that Fletcher slaved over is an absolute masterpiece of design and engineering. It is to the Jupe table what a modern-day Mercedes is to an 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. By integrating the leaves into a multi-level design, adding a star-shaped centerpiece and tying it all together with hundreds of components and thousands of fasteners, Fletcher created an all-in-one, largely automatic design that never fails to knock my socks off:



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