Guy Does Some Truly Incredible Tricks With A Yo-Yo

Nearly everyone had a yo-yo as a toy growing up. Thanks to depictions on pottery dating back to 500 B.C. we know that the ancient Greeks certainly loved to play with them. The earliest yo-yos were very simple in design, which is perhaps why they became so popular. Nowadays, the yo-yo has gotten considerably fancier as hardcore enthusiasts help develop new variations to play around with the balance of weight, length, spin and materials. <br />
<br />
While original yo-yos were just a string tied to an axle, modern varieties make use of metal ball bearings (or ceramic in the ultra high-end market) to get a much smoother spin and longer "sleep" time to do tricks in. This video, uploaded by YouTube user "XThrow," shows several modern yo-yo tricks performed in a mesmerizing sequence.

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