A Rare Look Inside Lego’s Production Facilities

While Lego fans around the world can arrange a tour to see their production facility in Denmark, recording is prohibited inside the factory. However, Lego made a rare exception for their recent Media Day, and Pawel "Sariel" Kmiec (author of The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide and the man behind Sariel’s LEGO Workshop) made the most of it, capturing sights that few have witnessed.

This is probably the most comprehensive look inside the company’s facilities that you’ll ever see. Which means the video is long, so you’ll probably have to scan through to find what interested you. But there’s something here for every Lego fan, whether industrial designer or layperson.

To ID’ers, maybe it’s old-hat to see injection molding machines, sprues being whisked off for recycling, ABS pellets being pumped into hoppers. So maybe you want to see the enormous, heavily-roboticized warehouse that normally operates in complete darkness? The vault where they keep a copy of every Lego set ever made? The permanent knock-off exhibition, where the company purposely collects unauthorized reproductions and displays them next to the real thing? The room dedicated entirely to Star Wars Lego sets? The Ideas House where new concepts are born?

We’ve clipped off the first few minutes (showing Kmiec’s airplane journey) so get started below:

via Core77 http://ift.tt/1U4bXn9


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