World Champion of Public Speaking 2015

I’d have to say it wouldn’t because I think in general an Indian accent (which I believe most would perceive this as) has a positive connotation connected to it, for better or worse. They are stereotyped as doctors, engineers, masters and PhD students, as well as professors, although a bit xenophobic when it comes to interracial dating they are for the most part willing to assimilate otherwise. Obviously the only Indians we see are the ones who can afford to uproot from India and move to the US, so even our stereotype is skewed. But I can’t even recall the last time I heard of an Indian home invader, an Indian rapist, or an Indian murderer (aside from honor killings). Not saying it doesn’t happen, but the goal of this comment isn’t fact, its perception, which is often (unfortunately) more present and relevant than fact.

Edit: I find the Netflix series Master of None (Ansari) to delve deeper into this subject and I highly recommend it.

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