The Most Powerful Diesel Engine

Ever. Literally.

A gearhead friend of ours sent along a link to a YouTube video (also embedded below) promising the world’s most powerful engine. Now, we’ll be the first to warn you that it’s just an advertisement, and for something that you’re probably not going to rush out and buy: the Wärtsilä 14RT marine engine.

A tiny bit of math: 96 cm cylinder diameter times 250 cm piston stroke = 1,809,557 CC. And it generates around 107,000 HP. That’s a fair bit, but it runs at a techno-music pace: 120 BPM RPM. With twelve cylinders, we’d love to hear this thing run. Two-strokes make such a wonderful racket! Wonder if they’ve tried to red-line it? It’s a good thing we don’t work at Wärtsilä.

The thing that astounded us most, however, was the timelapse of watching the engine being assembled in the video — it looks just like an engine! (That sounds dumber on paper than it did in our head.) No, really. As you watch the tiny ants crawling around on the scaffolding surrounding the largest cam-shaft you’ve ever seen in your life, you could be mistaken for thinking it’s a “normal” motor. Except it’s four storeys tall. Form follows function, right?

We’re pretty sure that this isn’t a hack. But it’s one of the cooler two-minute videos you’ll see today, so sit back and enjoy.

Thanks [Martin] for the tip!

via Hack a Day


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