Take a Look Inside LEGOLAND’s Model Shop, Home to More Than 3 Million Bricks

Robbie McCarthy and Bill Gowdy – two of LEGO’s Master Builders – have shown Wired around LEGOLAND’s model shop, which is packed with more than three-million bricks.

Robbie enlightens us on how complicated LEGO creations are designed using CAD software, before his colleague Bill explains how each master LEGO builder has their own set of particular skills, which they utilize to fulfill the most ambitious projects.

“When I was in elementary school I would always say ‘one day I want to be a LEGO master model,’” explains Robbie. “But my parent’s were always like, ‘That’s cute Robbie but you should go to college, get good grades and be a responsible adult’… Well here I am being a responsible adult, and still fulfilling my childhood passion of playing with LEGO,” he says. That passion is clear to see as he shows us around one of the biggest and most prestigious collections on Earth, including a number of rare colored pieces like “Bright Red Violet” and “Plated Gold.”

Watch the full video above.

This man making LEGO food sculptures is an artistic hero.

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