Supercharger vs Turbo (x-post /r/interestingasfuck)

This educational gif is better more so as to how the supercharger and turbo setup works rather than pricing, reliability, power output, and what the engine can see.

I would edit as such:

Superchargers are great for lower RPM engines, big bulky V6/V8/V10 where more torque is needed to move the heavier vehicle. Power is immediate and is supplied throughout the power band (less at higher RPMs). Cheaper for one supercharger to power all cylinders than two turbochargers to power each bank.

Turbochargers are great for SOHC/DOHC engines which have a much higher volumetric efficiency than their pushrod OHV brethren. Higher RPM engines, which do well under turbocharger boost, can see a much higher torque and horsepower figures and flow much better and more efficiently than the same engine with a supercharger. Full power from the turbocharger is made in the power band from 3,000-8,000 RPM (depending on engine flow, turbocharger size, fuel, etc).

The two types of forced induction are great for different engines. 4 cylinder DOHC engines won’t see the gain from a supercharger as they would from a turbocharger. Vice versa for older small and big block engines.

Supercharger: Low – mid RPM power, great for big engines to feed both banks with one component.

Turbocharger: Mid – high RPM power, great for smaller engines to feed one bank with one component.

Of course, there are variables; single large turbo V6/V8 engines, supercharged Honda D/B/K series engines.

via For .gifs that provide knowledge!


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